I’ve always been fascinated by music…

I still remember the revelatory feeling that I had, as a little boy, after hearing Beethoven’s Symphonies for the first time! It was as if new parts of my brain opened up to those harmonies, I could also really enjoy the piano sonatas; check out Waldstein Sonata No.21 Op.53
In my teens, I started my adventure in electronic music with a Roland MC-505. I must admit that the produce back then was not at all harmonically oriented, rather beat driven, fuelled by the Belgian Techno scene. It’s only later on, when exploring midi sequencing on computers that I delved deeper into the abyss of melodies and harmonies. Over the past years, I have exposed myself to so many kinds of music that it’s hard to pin-point direct influences on my music creation process. The ‘four to the floor’ never really went away; I just added a lot of other spices.

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